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For over 50 years the name Valley Slurry Seal, Co has been synonymous with high quality asphalt emulsion applications.  In 1978 the first Emulsion Plant was established in Redding, CA. under the name 'Morgan Emultech'.  Now operating as VSS Emultech, one of the West Coasts premier emulsiton companies, there are four plants spanning Oregon and California.


VSS Emultech Provides

  • High Quality Asphalt Emulsions
  • Dust Suppression & Stabilization Systems
  • Seal Coats
  • Asphalt Cement (Bitumen)
  • Asphalt Cutbacks
  • General Services - Transport haulage, seminars, specifications,material design, and tech transfers


P.O. Box 981330
West Sacramento, CA 95798, USA
Telephone: (916) 373-1500
Toll Free in the U.S.: (800) 748-6551
Fax: (916) 373-1438
E-mail: vss@slurry.com
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