Fog Seal


What is a Fog Sealing?
Fog sealing is a method that is used to lock in chips in a chip seal or to coat a new hot mix surface to lock in fines and fill surface voids. It is not used for aged pavements usually for this a rejuvenation spray such as Styraflex™ ERA™ is recommended.

What is it used for?
Fog spray is used after a chip seal is laid or hot mix is laid. It is a temporary protection to keep surface aggregate in place.

Are there different types?
Fog spray is usually an ss-1 or css-1 emulsion diluted. Special types exist that have rejuvenation oils co emulsified in the system. These types of specialty systems may be applied to aged pavements. Usually a light covering of sand or finer aggregate is applied.

How is Fog Sealing done?
Emulsion is sprayed using a standard boot truck. The emulsion may or may not be pre-diluted with water. In some applications a layer of fine sand may also be applied.

What does it do?
Fog sealing will ensure early stone loss is reduced and will add life to the pavement. In its rejuvenation forms it may be used for aged but sound pavements where the surface is still intact. It will not repair cracks or fill potholes.

What does it cost?
Fog sealing is an inexpensive insurance for your pavements.

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