Rejuvination Seal

1. What are Rejuvenation Seals?

When pavements get old they become brittle, this is a function of oxidation of the binder and loss of volatiles. Bitumen is a mixture of materials from polar asphaltenes to aliphatic oils. In between there are polar resins and aromatic and napthenic oils. Together these other components are called Maltenes. As asphalt ages the resins are made into asphaltenes and the oils are lost or become functionalized by oxidation. This creates an imbalance in the dispersion of the asphalt and a colloidally unstable binder. This is also harder. Thus the flexibility is reduced and cracks appear and potholes may form.

Before potholes can form, and when the binder is just losing the stone a rejuvenation seal will help to restore the adhesion and life of the pavement.

Surface brittle but not cracked through A good candidate

2. What is it used for?

Enrichment of the surface and softening of brittle binder- replacing the maltenes use rejuvenation seals to extend pavement life. They protect a surface from aging and, restore the running surface.

Some cracking can be tolerated as long a sits not too wide or active. Styraflex ERA™ can handle transverse and longitudinal cracks but not fatigue cracks.

3. Are There Different Types?

Styraflex ERA™ is the best material for rejuvenation seals. This may be precisely formulated to give optimum penetration and suit the climatic conditions that may be encountered. As rejuvenation seal materials contain napthenic/aromatic oils excess can cause bleeding in summer or under heavy traffic. Talk to VSS Emultech for your exact needs.

4. How Is Rejuvenation Sealing Done?

Rejuvenation Sealing is a multi-stage process, after the surface has been prepared by sweeping. Then the emulsion is sprayed at 30-60C and sometimes scrubbed into the surface with a broom to fill cracks and ensure penetration.

Spray Penetration


Then a layer of crushed stone, cinders or sand is applied using a computer controlled and calibrated self-propelled chip spreader.

Chipping Smoothing Crushed Stone

The final operation is several passes from a muli-tyred roller.

The road is usually opened to traffic after sweeping or may be opened to slow moving traffic almost immediately.

5. What does it do?

Rejuvenation Seals can add 2-5 years to a pavement life, it seals up cracks and creates a new running surface that may be overlaid or slurried.

Cracks are Sealed

6. What Does It Cost?

Rejuvenation Sealing is a thin layer it is economic and will provide a lower cost than a re seal with chip seal for the same purpose. A VSS estimator will be pleased to measure your job and give you an exact price.

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