Scrub Seal

1. What are Scrub Seals?

When pavements deteriorate they crack. Often crack sealing is done but sometimes pavements can be so old and aged that crack sealing is not an option. Scrub seals are a process by which a membrane of modified binder is pressed or scrubbed into a cracked and aged surface. It's like an allover crack seal.

The resulting surface may be chipped, sanded and then made smooth with a slurry or chip seal.

Cracking progressed through A good candidate

2. What is it used for?

Cracked an aged pavements are ideal for scrub seal. Generally highly active cracks cannot be treated with emulsion systems, in this asphalt rubber scrub seals applied hot are preferred.

3. Are There Different Types?

Styraflex ERA™ is the best material for scrub seals with low activity transverse cracks like low temperature cracks seals. For larger and active cracks AR scrub seals will be preferred. Application is similar.

Age cracks stable- suitable for Styraflex ERA™

AR Scrub Seal Candidates

4. How Is Scrub Sealing Done?

Scrub Sealing is a multi-stage process, after the surface has been prepared by sweeping. Then the binder is sprayed and scrubbed into the surface with a broom or squeegee to fill cracks.

Application Of Styraflex ERA™


Then a layer of crushed stone, cinders or sand is applied using a computer controlled and calibrated self-propelled chip spreader.

Scrubbing aggregate

The final operation is several passes from a muli-tyred roller.

The road is usually opened to traffic after sweeping or may be opened to slow moving traffic almost immediately.

5. What does it do?

Scrub Seals can make a new platform for a new surface.

Cracks are Sealed

6. What Does It Cost?

Scrub Seal is less expansive than reconstruction of old streets and can be combined with slurry for a smooth long life result. A VSS estimator will be pleased to measure your job and give you an exact price.

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