Looking for solutions to the problem of small production slurry seal pavement maintenance? The answer is here: The VSS Minimac - the world's first successful one-man, self propelled slurry microsurfacing machine. The VSS Minimac is the go-anywhere tool that has increased the scope of slurry pavement maintenance today. Its size and weight make it a natural for jobs that can't be done by larger machines. Now, maintenance can be accomplished in areas that aren't feasible for bigger crews.

  • The VSS Minimac is a small Slurry Microsurfacing machines designed to operate effectively in confined areas like parking lots, garage structures, footpaths, walkways, and bicycle trails.
  • This machine is feature-packed, beginning with its strongest attribute: simple one-man operation. Critical operations are controlled from a single joystick. The Minimac is designed for low maintenance and high reliability, and it features top-quality hydraulic components.
  • Auto sequencing assures the consistent application of all slurry seals and other polymer microsurfacings. Material is mixed automatically by a double-shafted pugmill, with production rates up to one ton per minute.
  • The VSS Minimac can deliver material on grades up to 30%, and, with proper materials staging, loading takes as little as five minutes.
  • Cost-efficient completion of small-to-medium production is easy, and doesn't require a large crew. One operator steers a Minimac, and controls and monitors every procedure.

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Total Unit Length

5.94 m

19.5 ft

Overall Width

1.82 m

6.0 ft

Overall Height

1.93 m

76 in


2.54 m

100 in

Unladen Weight

5,898 kg

13,000 lbs

Maximum Gross Weight

11,340 kg

25,000 lbs


Vehicle Information

Drive Train



Grade Ability

30% grade


Shuttle Ground Speed

16 kph

10 mph

Turn Radius

4.85 m

16 ft



Aggregate Capacity

2.3 cu. m

3 cu. yd.

Emulsion Capacity

1,060 liters

280 gallons

Water Capacity

1,060 liters

280 gallons

Fines Capacity

68 liters

2.4 cu. ft.

Additive Capacity

76 liters

20 gallons

Fuel Tank

170 liters

45 gallons

Hydraulic Reservoirs

264 liters

70 gallons



Pugmill Output

0.9 tonnes/min.

1 ton/min.






  • Automatic start/stop materials sequencing
  • Automatic low aggregate shutdown sensor
  • Integrated cement hopper with built-in fluffer
  • Heated emulsion pump (hot water supplied by radiator)
  • Additive tank/pump system
  • Quick-open Teflon insert emulsion valves
  • Pavement fog sprays and joint sprays
  • Automatic variable amplitude hydraulic hopper vibrator
  • Rotameter sight flow gauges for water/additive
  • Direct drive jackshaft system
  • Emulsion self loading
  • Quick cleaning emulsion filtration system


  • John Deere turbo charged diesel, 86 kw @ 2400 RPM (115 hp)
  • Hydraulic quad pumps, variable displacement, pressure & flow compensated, combined 380 liters/min, (100 gpm)
  • Emulsion Pump - Hot-water jacketed 2" positive displacement, 227 liters/min. (60 gpm)
  • Water Pump - 113 liters/min. (30 gpm)
  • Additive Pump - 45 liters/min. (12 gpm)
  • Pugmill - double shafted Magna gun-barrel design with 46 removable auger paddles. Variable mixing speed, 260 rpm standard





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