Slurry Transfer Vehicle


The VSS Slurry Transfer Vehicle will convert the Macropaver or most any slurry machine into a continuous machine.  Based on the proven technology of Material Transfer Vehicles (MTV) already used in road construction the STV loads the slurry machine with aggregate, emulsion and water while paving.  The STV is designed to work with all major brands of truck mounted slurry pavers.


stv photo



The STV provides a way for truck mounted machines to work on continuous projects while maintaining he ability to work on city streets and in residential areas.



With only minor modifications for fit-up a slurry machine can be ready for continuous paving for less than half the cost of a continuous machine.



The STV can aslo be used at the stockpile for loading machines eliminating the need for a front end loader, emulsion and water tankers.  Load the pavers directly from the nurse truck without putting any aggregate on the ground.  Place the STV and nurse truck close to the jobsite and dramatically reduce the shuttle time between the jobsite and the stockpile.



It takes very little training to learn to operate the STV.  Operators continue to use the familiar control system on their paver machine to apply the slurry or microsurfacing.  The STV controls will automatically start and stop the emulsion and water transfer pumps based on the tank levels on the paver.  The pumps and coveyor speeds are easily adjusted from a convenient hand-held display screen. 





8 ton/min.(7.2 tonne/min.)

Emulsion/Water Pumps

200 gal/min. (750 l/min.)



  • Automatic start/stop of water and emulsion pumps
  • Proportional control of conveyor and pump speeds
  • Conveyor folds quickly for transport
  • Controls and monitoring from convenient hand-held display
      Safety breakaway switch


    Hydraulic System

        John Deere water-cooled turbo diesel,84kw @2400 rpm (64hp)
      • Variable displacement hydraulic pump drive, 150 liters/min (40 gpm)
      • Emulsion and Water Pumps - self-priming 3" centrifugal, 750 liters/min (200 gpm)


      See also the versatile VSS Expandable/Adjustable Microsurfacing Box that features the industry's largest range of adjustment; 8-14 feet.

      * VSS reserves the right to make changes in specifications at any time as part of our continuing program improvement.

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