Residential Microsurfacing Box

The compact design of the heavy-duty Residential Microsurfacing Box allows the Macropaver®. Minimac® or other machines to apply microsurfacing in confined areas such as city streets.


Four 225mm (9") diameter augers, two per side, enhance mixing and distribution of the microsurfacing mix.  Each set of augers are independently driven by hydraulic motors chain coupled to the augers.  Material is placed in 3.81m (12'6") width.  Side skids act as adjustable edge strike off for tapered joint feathering.  All skids are adjustable with easily accessible T-handle jacks and skids are made with Hardox abrasion resistant steel.


A patented secondary strike-off system provides uniform textured slurry seal material

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Hydraulically-driven spiral flight augers front & back each side


Urethane squeegee rubber throughout


Full, variable strike-off height adjustment right, left & center


Quick connecting side shift and drag bar


Adjustable edge strike-off for tapered joint feathering right & left


Width (shipping)

4.27 m (168")

Length (shipping)

1.37 m (54")


23 cm (9") ribbon flight


Heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant; 0.6 m (2')


Steel & urethane rubber (adjustable)

Strike –Off Adjustments





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