This method is intended for roads that are still structurally sound.


The outcome of choosing this preventive maintenance method increases the life of the pavement 5 to 10 years at a cheaper cost compared to reconstructions or hot asphalt mixture overlays.


Fiberized micro surfacing & slurry systems
  • All the benefits of micro surfacing, plus enhanced characteristics from
    a fiber.


  • Can be laid in multiple layers to provide the ultimate in crack mitigation and performance.


  • Fiber increases the structural integrity of the micro surfacing without using extra materials or affecting curb and gutter heights.


  • Fiber is automatically fed into the pug-mill inconsistent lines, allowing the length and application rate to be easily quantifiable.


  • Fiber strands are cut into ¼ – ½ inch slivers and inserted into the micro surfacing as it is laid by the Macropaver, providing immediate (and invisible) stitching structure



Fiberized micro surfacing & slurry systems
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