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Commercial Property Solutions

Working in and around retail, commercial and industrial sites require attention to every detail to ensure that your business is not impacted. Likewise, achieving a balance between cost-savings and protecting your pavement assets is crucial for businesses to survive in the short and long term. At no costs to you, our pavement preservation professionals will evaluate the condition of your pavement and help you build a maintenance plan that will minimize your costs while protecting and beautifying your property.

These Caltrans approved products correct minor deficiencies in the pavement surface and provide a nice new wearing course that will extend pavement life by 8-12 years. We can enhance these products with the use of aesthetically pleasing darker aggregates or fiber for slowing down future cracking.


Slurry Seal & Micro Surfacing

VSS’ Black Diamond brand sealcoat material will provide a smooth, black, even surface treatment for your pavement. Sealcoats can extend pavement life by 3-5 years or more.




Asphalt patching

VSS offers repairs, asphalt removal & replacement, and speed bump installation or removal.

Prevent water intrusion and protect your pavement subgrades with regular crack filling and sealing.


Crack Filling

VSS can install new pavement markings and specialty signs as needed, as well as replacement of old bumper blocks.


Striping & Signing

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