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Dust Control Services

Magnesium Chloride (Dust Off™)

Still an economical industry standard, Magnesium Chloride reduces dust by pulling moisture out of the air to the road surface. Chlorides have some stabilizing effects, but are not recommended for steep grades in foggy or rainy areas


RoadChem TOP-M

TOP-M is a unique blend of agriculture based derivatives and complex organic polymers in a hygroscopic mixture to provide the ultimate in dust abatement.


RoadChem M1000
M1000 is a blend of hygroscopic materials and agricultural oils. The hygroscopic nature absorbs water from the air, moistening the road and keeping the dust down


RoadChem DOE-30P

Previously sold as DOPE-30, this specialized lignosulphonate- emulsion blend gives the most residual buildup out of all dust suppressant products, which makes it the best long-term dust control option. The products is black in color and looks similar to asphalt pavement


RoadChem DLA

DLA is an asphalt emulsion with specialized wetting agent to help it penetrate and set up faster than traditional cutback materials. It is a low cost/high performance product, great for heavier traffic, and has a nice black color when applied.



Lignin is ideal for sensitive areas such as parking lots and driveways where there is a lot of foot traffic. Lignin is a safe and economical alternative to petroleum and salt-based products.


Cutback Asphalts

Cutback asphalts are low-viscosity liquid asphalt mixtures manufactured by diluting asphalt with petroleum solvents. After application, the petroleum solvent evaporates, leaving the asphalt reside. Cutbacks leave a high residue on the surface.


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Dust Control Line-Up

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